Mori - Beautiful Hill Station

Mori is a sleepy little hamlet located on the bank of the Tons River. It is located in the north west, in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state. Mori is a quiet and relaxing hill station. It serves as a getway to the Tons valley. The Mori Forest is famous for its tall pines, deodars, chestnuts, and jamun trees. It is believed that the River Tons was created by the tears of the demoness known as Surpanakha.

Mori is a popular tourist spot. You can enjoy the white water rafting and kayaking activities in Mori. The main attractions of the place are the ancient temple of Duryodhan, and the Lunagad Creek. Mori has a rich cultural diversity. Mori is one of the major tourist attractions and acts as a perfect holiday retreat. The tall pine forest, ancient temple, and the Lunagad Creek on the river and side location make this place popular for travellers. Mori is a perfect destination for tourists.

It is believed that the river Tons was formed by the tears of Surpanakha, and the villagers believed that his tears still flow in the river, so they never drink its water. Mori is a charming hill station and an ideal destination for camping, white water rafting, trekking, jungle walking, rock climbing and rappelling. The place is full of adventure and one can take part in adventure water sports like angling, rafting, and kayaking in the river. Asia's best lush green pine forests are found here.

Weather of Mori

Summer Season: Summer starts from March to mid-June. Summer is the best time to visit Banderpunch Glacier. It is an easy trek to reach Mori. The hill station of Mori has a cool climate all around the year. During the summer season, the maximum temperature is 23 degrees and the minimum is 9 degrees. Summer is excellent for trekking.

Winter Season: Winters are very cold with a minimum temperature. October is the beginning month of winter and lasts till February. November to February are the busy months all over the world. The maximum temperature is 8 degrees and the minimum is 2 degrees. You can enjoy the snow during the winter.

Monsoon Season: The monsoon has very low rainfall in Mori. Mid September to late October is the best season to visit Mori.

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